Interior designer, project manager, I support and advise you in your creation, renovation and extension projects …

As each project is unique, an estimate will be made to measure.
The fees being defined according to the total amount of the work, the size of the project, the expected missions, the duration of the site, the distance.
Each mission is preceded by an on-site visit in order to take stock of your expectations, to define the specifications, the budget, the schedule.
A report will follow containing the discussions of the meeting and a quote will be sent to you.
As soon as it is validated, the work of the sketch will begin.
As soon as the sketch is validated, the different stages of the project will be followed according to the assigned mission.


  • Visite sur place pour prise de côtes et reportage photos plus approfondi
  • Une proposition d’aménagement et 1 variante
  • Plusieurs planches d’ambiance
  • Une présentation du projet en vidéo
  • Plusieurs perspectives 3D afin de valider une proposition finale
  • Plans, coupes et élévations côtés
  • Descriptif sommaire des travaux (matériaux, matières, mobilier, équipements)
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Design & production

« Turnkey »

“Turnkey” design & production mission

  • Visit on site for ribs and more in-depth photo reportage
  • Depending on the need, intervention of a surveyor to take measurements of the existing
  • A development proposal and a variant
  • A video presentation of the project
  • Option: Virtual reality visit to the project site
  • Ambience boards
  • 3D perspectives to validate a final proposal
  • Detailed plans, sections and elevations (partitioning, layout, layout according to needs)
  • Work authorization application file
  • Development of written and graphic documents
  • Proofing plans (note: the execution plans are carried out by the companies of the affected lots)
  • Brief description of the work (materials, materials, furniture, equipment)
  • Estimation of works
  • Business consultation
  • Partner validation
  • Project management
  • Assistance with the acceptance of works
  • DGD report
  • IUD
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  • Assist the client in the management of his project
  • Percentage of total amount of work
  • To be defined according to the project
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  • You need one-off advice, you are facing a particular problem, I will bring you my advice during an appointment (150 € per hour)
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